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A Guide to Bail Reform in New York

New Yorkers value justice, fairness, and equal opportunity. But our broken justice system undermines these values. On any given day in New York State, approximately 25,000 people are detained in local jails; nearly 70 percent of them —about 16,000 people—are in jail pretrial.1 This means they have not been convicted of a crime—they have only […]

About Bail in New York 

The term “bail” is commonly used to describe a cash amount that has been set by a judge, to make sure that a person charged with a crime, called a “defendant,” will come back to court. This amount must be paid before a person will be released from jail. Generally, the defendant will be given […]

Chart of Types of Bail in New York 

In New York State, a judge can choose from nine distinct forms of bail to make sure a person comes back to court after they have been charged with a crime. This chart describes all nine forms of bail in New York. The two forms of bail that judges in New York select most often […]

It’s Time for Bail Reform in New York 

New Yorkers value justice, fairness, and equal opportunity. But our broken justice system is undermining these values. There are over 25,000 people detained in local jails across New York State on any given day; nearly 70% are being detained pretrial. This means they have not been convicted—they have only been charged with a crime, are […]

What is Harm Reduction?

Harm Reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing the harms associated with both the use of psychoactive drugs as well as ineffective drug policies. Harm Reduction is built on a belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who are marginalized, including those who use drugs. Fact Sheet – […]

Harm Reduction & Community Organizing 

Katal combines harm reduction and community organizing to build community power and the public will for public health and criminal justice reform. This model promotes a more stigma-free approach to drug, health and criminal justice policy, preserves autonomy, provides structures for healing, and builds efficacy and leadership of directly impacted people. Fact Sheet – Harm […]

Drug User Health Hubs

As municipalities across the U.S. struggle to address the public health and safety challenges associated with drug use and fatal overdoses, innovative and effective collaborative approaches are necessary. New York State is leading the way by implementing new models called “Drug User Health Hubs.” This fact sheet provides basic information about these programs and discusses […]