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COVID-19 in CT Prisons & Jails: #FreeThemNowCT Fact Sheet

As Connecticut continues to confront COVID-19, Governor Ned Lamont and state officials have failed to develop a comprehensive plan to tackle the crisis of the novel coronavirus in jails and prisons. As a result, COVID-19 continues to spread in correctional facilities in Connecticut – and deaths of incarcerated people continues to rise.   Read and download our […]

#LessIsMoreNY Info Session

Last month, lawmakers returned to session where they took up several criminal justice bills in their committees. However, many important criminal justice reform bills that community members have been pushing for were not on the agenda for a vote, including #LessIsMoreNY. As more New Yorkers continue to be locked up for minor technical parole violations, […]

CT Statewide Criminal Justice Reform Call

CT Statewide Criminal Justice Reform Call Join us Thursday, September 3 from 11 a.m. – noon for our CT Statewide Criminal Justice Reform Call via The goals for the monthly CT Statewide Criminal Justice Reform Call: Share and Highlight issues, campaigns, and projects that groups are working on to advance statewide reform; Identify ways […]