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Apprentice Organizing Program

Katal’s BLOC Apprentice Organizing Program

Katal’s BLOC (Building Leadership and Organizing Capacity) Apprentice Organizer Program provides an intensive on-the-job training opportunity for those who are interested in becoming a Community Organizer. Over 9 – 12 months, Apprentice Organizers learn tools and tactics for base building with people for collective power. The program  includes a rigorous, hands-on curriculum, learning community organizing 101 tools and tactics, policy reform advocacy, and the basic mechanics of civic engagement. Graduates will have the skills necessary to compete for community organizer and advocacy job opportunities. Most graduates have gone on to obtain jobs or launch their own projects. Select graduates may be offered a full time Community Organizer job at Katal.

The Apprenticeship is a full-time staff position, paid $20 – 22.50/hr with full benefits.  The 2021-2022 Apprentice cohort will accept up to 2 – 4 new apprentice organizers.

The Apprentice Organizer Program includes:
  • Training and experience in the theory and practice of community organizing
  • Hands-on, participatory training in civic engagement and policy advocacy
  • Professional experience in a community-based nonprofit working for criminal justice and drug policy reform
  • Weekly coaching with Katal senior staff
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • One on one coaching with mentors, including outside mentors (key experts in the field)
  • Developing and exercising personal and group accountability
Outcomes: At the end of the training program, successful apprentice organizers will have:
  • learned the basic theory and practice of community organizing;
  • earned experience in nonprofits, organizing, policy advocacy, networking, community meetings, and more;
  • developed new professional skills that will enable them to compete effectively in the job market for community organizers and advocates;
  • gained experience with, and forge new relationships in, fields as varied as criminal justice, drug policy, poverty / economic equality, healthcare, and more; and
  • established the beginnings of a professional network they can carry with them after the apprenticeship — and into a new job.

Who should apply for the Katal Apprentice Organizer program?

  • Young people, especially those who have been involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Community leaders interested in becoming a trained Community Organize
  • Anyone who wants to learn the rigors and joys of Community Organizing

For more information about the Apprentice Organizer program, please contact

Alycia Gay, BLOC Program Coordinator: | (860) 323-3821