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Connecticut nonprofit stages rally for better COVID-19 protections for incarcerated people

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By Michael Lyle Jr. via WSHU

Prison reform advocates held a rally outside the Connecticut state Capital to demand lawmakers protect incarcerated people from COVID-19.

The Hartford-based Katal Center of Equity, Health and Justice joined family and community members to protest what they said is the state Legislature’s continued failure to address the spread of the coronavirus in many of its prisons and jails.

A report revealed that nearly 90% of Connecticut’s jail and prison population have tested positive for COVID, and that there have been 29 inmate deaths from the disease.

Kenyatta Muzzanni, the director of the Katal Center, said the group also wanted to make their voices heard inside the building.

“Incarcerated people are actual human beings,” said Muzzanni. “It’s horrifying that it’s been two years in this pandemic and still have not come up with a comprehensive and transparent COVID-19 plan.”

Tiffany Minakhom of the Katal Center said the virus will continue to spread throughout the prisons if lawmakers don’t take action.

“Who knows if there’s going to be another pandemic or another strain of COVID-19,” said Minakhom. “It is their duty to protect those who are currently incarcerated and return them back to their communities.”

The rally came as the current legislative session was set to conclude. 

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