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Protests for and against ‘Less is More’ law in Rochester

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By Matt Driffill via Rochester First

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Those for, and against, the “Less is More” law demonstrated outside the Monroe County Hall of Justice Monday.

The bill was signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul in September. It prevents paroled prisoners from being incarcerated on a technical violation, like missing a curfew.

The goal of the new law, advocates say, is to decrease the number of people in jail for minor parole violations and prevent overcrowding in prisons.

Those in favor of the law say Monroe County is one of the worst areas in the stare when it comes to locking people up for non-criminal technical violations.

“Incarceration is not an appropriate way to address those issues,” said Emily Napier-Singletary, who demonstrated in favor of the law Monday. “All the Less is More Act does is restrict the use of incarceration use community-based solutions to address those problems.”

Those against the law argue that it keeps dangerous criminals on the street.

Rochester man charged with hatchet murder back in custody after ‘Less is More’ release 

“We have to hold them accountable because they are still completing their state term, so therefore there are some limitations and expectations I would have for them,” said parole officer Gina Lopez.

The Katal Center for Equity, which helped organize the rally, says Monroe County spends more than $12 million each year to detain people on minor violations.

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