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Tania Banks


Tania Banks is a community organizer for Katal in Connecticut. She believes that through organizing and leadership development, communities can build an unmatched force—and that the more people come together, the greater the change they can make in any system. Tania is personally affected by many systems every day and wants to make sure her kids don’t go through the same things when they grow up.

Tania loves working at Katal and never thought she’d have the opportunity to organize professionally toward ending mass incarceration and the war on drugs. She has done organizing and advocacy work in Hartford since 2012. She has worked as a youth organizer, a youth advocacy supervisor, and a dance coach for a number of Hartford youth organizations and programs. Since coming to Katal, Tania has gained a real passion and focus for building capacity and leadership development, and she is eager to see where her organizing work will lead and the impact it will have on her community.

Tania is a loving mother of three kids—soon to be four—and she dedicates every day to making sure she can provide for them. Tania wants to make their community a better place. She believes that her work connecting with the community and building into people will show her kids that anything is possible. Tania wakes up every day striving to make change in Connecticut.