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weekly update – december 5, 2019

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In Brooklyn: Uplifting the Voices of Our Seniors, Organizing for #LessIsMoreNY

Katal in New Hampshire: Incarcerated Communities

In Case You Missed It: Katal talks #LessIsMoreNY on WOOC 105.3 FM

In Brooklyn: Uplifting the Voices of Our Seniors, Organizing for #LessIsMoreNY

Katal apprentice organizer Shaka Colon, alongside members of the Tompkins Park Senior Center in Brooklyn following his presentation on our organizing work across New York State.

On Friday, November 22, our apprentice community organizer, Shaka Colon, hosted a presentation at the Tompkins Park Senior Center in Brooklyn. He spoke in part about the historic City Council “yes” vote on the Mayor’s borough-based replacement jails plan on October 17 and its significance and about the implications of the Council’s vote on the effort to #CLOSErikers. Shaka also spoke about our #LessIsMoreNY bill, its provisions, and how it is deeply tied to the closure of Rikers Island.

Special thanks to Antoinette Emers for welcoming our team into her space to talk about issues that deeply affect our community every day.

If you’d like to join us for upcoming #LessIsMoreNY actions or to host a teach-in about this legislation in your community, contact community organizer Cedric Fulton at or at 518.965.6771 for more details.

Katal in New Hampshire: Incarcerated Communities

(Left to right) Katal members Isaiah and Nytavia, Dajuan Wiggins, and member Bartolo.

On November 19, members of our Connecticut team including apprentice community organizer Dajuan Wiggins, and Katal members IsaiahNytavia, and Bartolo facilitated our Incarcerated Communities exercise at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in Manchester.

Our team had the opportunity to spend the day at the SNHU campus, meeting students and staff. Dr. Lowell Matthews, who gave us the tour, engaged with the team and gave great feedback about social justice issues in New Hampshire and Connecticut. He also discussed how SNHU faculty members are trying to come up with innovative ways to teach.

Apprentice organizer Dajuan Wiggins facilitating our Incarcerated Communities exercise with Katal member Nytavia.

We thank SNHU for allowing us to present the Incarcerated Communities exercise to more than 40 students and partake in an in-depth dialogue about organizing and building power.

If you’d like a member of our team to host an Incarcerated Communities exercise with your group or students—or to get involved in our work to end mass incarceration in Connecticut—contact Kenyatta Thompson at or 860.937.6094.

In Case You Missed It: Katal talks #LessIsMoreNY on WOOC 105.3 FM

Katal leader Tara Cobbins and community organizer Cedric Fulton joined WOOC 105.3 The Sanctuary for Independent Media on November 21 for a conversation on our parole reform legislation, #LessIsMoreNY. In the interview, Tara discussed her experience navigating the parole system and the ways that being on parole is having a negative impact on her life as the mother of a 12-year-old.

Our #LessIsMoreNY Act would overhaul New York State’s broken parole system, strengthen public safety, and support effective reentry for people coming home from jail or prison. By passing this bill we can shrink the jail and prison populations in New York State—and Albany must take action now.

To join in our fight to get transformative parole reform passed in 2020 –or to coordinate a #LessIsMoreNY teach-in within your community– contact Cedric Fulton at or at 518.965.6771 to learn more about our bill and how you can get involved.

Listen to the #LessIsMoreNY episode.

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