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weekly update – february 11, 2021

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A Big Step for Parole Reform in NY

#CutShutINVEST Community Conversation & Campaign Kick Off

A Big Step for Parole Reform in NY

On Monday, we took a big step in the #LessIsMoreNY campaign! The bill was passed by the New York State Senate Committee on Crime, Crime Victims, and Correction. It was  the first time the Less Is More Act was brought up for a committee vote in either house of the New York State Legislature. The successful committee vote follows months of advocacy by Katal, our campaign partners, and other community, advocacy, and faith-based groups. Check out our press release from this week for a full rundown of Monday’s Senate Committee vote! We’re one step closer to a vote in the full State Senate. Next stop: the New York State Senate Committee on Finance. The bill hasn’t been scheduled for a hearing yet, and we’re wasting no time in preparing to get the bill through Committee and on to the Senate Floor for a full vote!

In NY? Join us next Wednesday, February 17, for our Day of Action to tell your elected officials to pass Less Is More!

#CutShutINVEST Community Conversation & Campaign Kick Off

Last month in Connecticut, a COVID-19 spike led us to reschedule our rally at the state capitol to launch our new campaign calling on the Governor and Legislature to CUT correctional populations, SHUT prisons, and INVEST in the communities harmed by mass incarceration — #CutShutINVEST. While we couldn’t gather that day, we issued this press release on the first day of the 2021 legislative session, and we’ve continued our organizing.

Next week, we’re holding a Community Conversation about #CutShutINVEST — join us on Thursday, February 18th, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm!  Register to join on zoom at

This week, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced his budget proposal, which includes the closure of three prisons this year, starting with Northern Correctional Facility. Northern has has been described as CT’s monument to torture. The closure of three prisons, combined with other changes in the budget, are projected to save $20 million in 2022 and $46.9 million in 2023. But so far, the governor has proposed little to CUT correctional populations, and nothing to INVEST in the communities most harmed by systemic racism and mass incarceration — those resources are needed for housing, healthcare, education, jobs, and more. We are fighting back.

Join us next week for the Community Conversation – together, we can #CutShutINVEST.

Keep practicing social distancing, wear your mask, wash your hands, and check in on your neighbors. If you want to get involved, learn more about our work, or just connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Katal works to strengthen the people, policies, institutions, and movements that advance health, equity, and justice for everyone. Join us: web, Twitter, Facebook! Email: Phone: 646.875.8822.

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