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#LessIsMoreNY Info Session

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Last month, lawmakers returned to session where they took up several criminal justice bills in their committees. However, many important criminal justice reform bills that community members have been pushing for were not on the agenda for a vote, including #LessIsMoreNY. As more New Yorkers continue to be locked up for minor technical parole violations, it is imperative that the legislature pass #LessIsMoreNY immediately.

During the Info Session, Katal members and staff will answer questions about the #LessIsMoreNY parole reform bill such as:

  • What is the #LessIsMoreNY Act and how will it address New York’s parole crisis and free people free?
  • I am on parole – will the #LessIsMoreNY Act help me?
  • My loved one is on parole – will the #LessIsMoreNY Act help them?
  • How can I get involved in the effort to pass the #LessIsMoreNY Act?

The info session is open to all community members.


Register to join using this link.

August 25, 2020 at 5pm – 6pm
Kenyatta Thompson ·

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