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After Roe V Wade Then What? Women & The LGBTQIA Communities Are Under Assault

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By: Garnett Ankle via WPKN Community Radio 

LGBTQIA and Women’s Reproductive Rights are under attack in the United States. The nearly fifty year old federal law, Roe V Wade has been struck down by the United States Supreme Court. This is the first in the history of the United States Supreme Count, a right has been taken away. The United States is at a very serious cross roads. It is only a backward nation which takes away a right enjoyed by so many. It is Roe V Wade today, tomorrow they may seek to return Black people into shackles and chains. Do not, for one moment believe returning Black people to servitude is impossible. For many years, pro-women’s rights activists has been warning this day would come. The people of the United States need to mobilize, organize, and vote against all Republicans in every nook and cranny of the United States in the upcoming Mid-term elections in November 2022. The Republicans are now a cult, and need to be purged from the political system of the United States.
On this broadcast of the show, host Garnett Ankle speaks with Kenyatta Thompson, Director Of Organizing, at Katal Center For Equity, Health, & Justice. Listen as Kenyatta Thompson fields questions surrounding LGBTQIA & Women’s Reproductive Rights; and the strking down of Roe V Wade & its impact on those two aforementioned communities.

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