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Excessive, Unjust, And Expensive: Fixing Connecticut’s Probation And Parole Problems

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On Tuesday, May 23, 2023 we released a new groundbreaking report with the Prison Policy Initiative titled “Excessive, unjust, and expensive: Fixing Connecticut’s probation and parole problems.”  It focuses on how the system of community supervision in Connecticut — probation, parole in all its various types — too often becomes a revolving door for people who get stuck in the system. 

In Connecticut today, nearly 35,000 people are under probation or parole. Of that number, more than 30,000 people statewide – almost 1% of the entire population — are on probation in our state. That’s nearly three times the number of people incarcerated in Connecticut. 

To reform Connecticut’s probation and parole systems and address overly punitive responses to violation of supervision, this report provides four comprehensive reforms that have proven successful in other states across the country. 

Here are the four recommendations to make Connecticut’s community supervision system more effective, just and equitable:

  • Restrict the use of incarceration for verified noncriminal “technical” violations.
  • Eliminate automatic detention for noncriminal “technical” violations.
  • Apply earned time credit to supervision sentences. 
  • Bolster due process. 

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