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Katal New York Update- June 23, 2022

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NEW: Nearly 12,000 People Discharged From Parole Due to #LessIsMoreNY

This week, we learned that since March 1st almost 12,000 people have gotten discharged from parole early due to the Less Is More Act. Thanks to the earned time credits provision, this reform has led to a more than 30% reducation in the overall parole population in New York. This is a vital to step towards ending mass incarceration and reducing the size and scope of the states community supervision system. Our member Frank is one individuals who recently got discharged from parole thanks to the Less Is More Act. Here’s what Frank has to say:

“The greatest impact of this reform for me personally has been the ability to leave the ever ominous and restrictive supervision a full two years early, resulting in significant improvements in my quality of life… Now I am able to return to a normal existence without the stress and anxiety of worrying about my parole conditions.” 

This is a tremendous achievement and a testament to the 300+ group coalition that carried this reform across the finishline. Yesterday, we held our monthly statewide #LessIsMoreNY Implementation Update call and almost 100 community partners and people impacted by parole registered to hear update about the Less Is More Act. We shared news about the thousands of New Yorkers getting discharged from early and whats next in the implementation process. To learn more about the organizing that took place to make this historic win possible, check out this recent story about the campaign in The Progressive Magazine.

Less Is More Know Your Rights Forum

Last night, we joined the Legal Aid Society and True 4 Life for a Less Is More Know Your Rights Forum. We discussed how this transformative parole reform is major step forward in the fight to end mass incarceration, advance racial equity, and bolster due process in New York. We’ll be joining Legal Aid in these Know Your Rights Forums across the city this summer.

 We are also holding #LessIsMoreNY Townhalls and Info Sessions across the state to make sure people on parole know their new rights under the Less Is More Act. To learn more about our upcoming #LessIsMoreNY events, reach out to Melanie Dominguez at

Pride in the Park

Over the weekend, we joined the Newburgh LGBTQ Center for their first ever “Pride in the Park” event at Downin Park in Newburgh, NY. We spoke with community members about our work to end mass incarceration and the war on drugs in New York.

Katal Quotes of the Week

These are some of the quotes we’re thinking about this week.

“I do not believe that we can restore and expand the freedoms that our lives require unless and until we embrace the justice of our rage. And, if we do not change the language of current political discourse, if we do not reintroduce a Right and Wrong, a Good or Evil measurement of doers and deeds, then how shall we, finally, argue our cause?”

–June Jordan

“You’d be surprised who would look you dead in your eyes

And tell you lies

to keep you happy while plottin’ on your demise”


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