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katal newsletter – april 19, 2018

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NY Governor Cuomo Plans to Restore Voting Rights to People On Parole

Watch gabriel sayegh’s Interview on BRIC-TV 112BK

Save the Date: CT Reentry Reform Day

ny governor cuomo plans to restore voting rights to people on parole

Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to restore voting rights to people under parole supervision in New York. This executive order considers conditional pardons for the 35,000 people currently on parole, as well as those who go under parole supervision each month moving forward, to allow them to vote. This announcement is a welcome step in the right direction to repair some of the harms that our criminal justice system inflicts on those caught in its web.

Take a look at this statement from Marie Ndiaye, Katal’s Senior Policy Manager. For more information on our parole reform efforts, you can reach out to Marie at or 646-535-1879.

watch gabriel sayegh’s interview on bric-tv 112bk

Katal’s Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, gabriel sayegh, talked with Jarrett Murphy of City Limits earlier this month after New York’s state legislators passed a budget that failed to include any reforms that would reduce the number of people held in pretrial detention across the state. In the taped interview, gabriel talks about the steps that the City and State can take to drastically reduce jail populations and close the complex on Rikers Island faster: “In the next year, the City, the courts, and the District Attorneys should continue to divert people out of the criminal justice system and ensure that cases do not linger in the courts. There is much that can be done, even without state legislative change. But at the state level, bail legislation and other initiatives could be transformative. And with respect to designing modern borough facilities, serious community engagement is fundamental so that the new facilities address local needs and concerns.”

Check out the video here.

save the date: ct reentry reform day

Save the date! CT Reentry Reform Day is coming up on Wednesday, April 25 in Hartford. People who are directly impacted by the justice system will be sharing their stories and joining others in the movement for reform at the Connecticut State Capitol. There will be panel discussions, voter registration, meetings with legislators, tours of the capital, and more.

For more information, visit Connecticut’s Reentry Community’s website here.

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