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statements from advocates regarding senate bill 6500

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New York, NY –

Statement from gabriel sayegh, Co-Executive Director of the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice:

“Justice delayed is justice denied, and because of our broken speedy trial process, people languish for months or years pre-trial, awaiting their day in court. Today in a bipartisan vote, the Senate Codes Committee joined the Assembly and Governor in acknowledging that the system is broken and must be fixed. Senate bill 6500 would address the timely scheduling of criminal trials. While this is not the comprehensive reform that our system needs, this Timely Scheduling bill is a step in the right direction. However, we will continue to fight for Kalief’s Law because every step must be taken to reduce unnecessary court delays, end unnecessary pretrial detention, and ensure the Constitutional Rights of New Yorkers are protected. 


Statement from Erin George, Advocacy Coordinator, JustLeadershipUSA:

“Every year, we incarcerate thousands of New Yorkers, who have not yet been convicted of a crime, for months and even years, while they await their day in court. This results in extraordinary costs, both to taxpayers and in human suffering. Our speedy trial law is broken and it MUST be repaired. Today, with the passage of the Timely Scheduling bill, S.6500, by the Senate Codes Committee, all branches and parties of the NYS government have acknowledged the need to address this critical issue. While S.6500 is an improvement upon the existing speedy trial statute, it offers limited relief and would not have the far reaching impact of comprehensive speedy trial reform (Kalief’s Law, S1998A). The Timely Scheduling bill is an important step for reform, and Kalief’s Law is the comprehensive, common sense reform New York needs.”

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