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Taina Manick


Taina Manick is an intern studying for her master’s in social work from Columbia University and specializing in policy and contemporary social issues. As a member of the policy and organizing team at the Katal Center for Equity, Health, and Justice, she is engaged in the Shut Rikers and #CutShutInvestNY campaigns. 

Taina’s educational journey began at Central Connecticut State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in social justice. She demonstrated her passion for social justice and community engagement through work with various nonprofit organizations, providing services to and advocating for underserved communities. This included a social work internship with the Connecticut Citizen Action Group, where she led initiatives related to health care inequality, food and environmental justice, and democracy. Taina’s dedication to public service extends beyond her educational pursuits. She served as a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation intern for U.S. Representative Jahana Hayes, gaining insights into the legislative process and the intersection of social justice and policymaking. 

Taina’s outstanding commitment to social justice and public service has earned her recognition as an activist. She is driven by a profound awareness of the systemic racial injustices and structural violence that persistently affect historically marginalized communities. Her desire to challenge these oppressive structures and strive for equity and justice is at the core of her work.

New Haven is home to Taina – a source of inspiration and the heart of her advocacy journey. With her graduate degree in hand, she aspires to return there, bringing her fight for justice and community-building. In her free time, Taina enjoys visiting museum exhibitions and quality time with friends.