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weekly update – february 27, 2020

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In Connecticut: Harm Reduction House Party,

Katal at the 15th annual Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Symposium on Crime in America

In Connecticut: Harm Reduction House Party

Friends and family members of Amanda L.  gather for a Harm Reduction House Party in East Hartland, CT.

We’re thrilled to share that our first Connecticut House Party of the year was in East Hartland, CT! Hosted by Amanda L. and facilitated by Katal’s Lead organizer, Kenyatta Thompson, the party consisted of an honest and informational conversation on harm reduction in communities. Attendees were trained in how to prevent opioid overdose deaths by administering naloxone, and discussed how to take action on fentanyl criminalization.

Want to host a House Party? 

Hosting a house party is a great way to get your friends and neighbors involved in understanding the issues and organizing for justice.

Contact Kenyatta Thompson at or at 860.937.6094 to learn more about our work in Connecticut and for more information on hosting a house party in your neck of the state!

Katal at the 15th annual Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Symposium on Crime in America

Katal Leader Tara Cobbins joins a panel discussion about parole and probation, and #LessIsMoreNY.

Last Friday, February 21, Katal was at John Jay College for the 15th annual Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Symposium on Crime in America. Katal Leader Tara Cobbins spoke on a parole-and-probation-focused panel, with Vincent Schiraldi of the Columbia Justice Lab; Barbara Broderick, former chief probation officer for Maricopa County, Arizona; West Huddleton of SCRAM Systems; and Michael Williams of Pew Trusts. The panel explored how community supervision drives prison and jail populations across the country, and Tara spoke about her troubling experience with New York’s parole system and our #LessIsMoreNY bill.

Simultaneously, the New York City Bar Association released a report last Friday in support of our Less Is More bill. Read the full reportWe thank the NYCBA for their important endorsement of #LessIsMoreNY. Now Albany must follow their leadership and pass this important legislation in order to transform the way technical violations are handled across the state.

Learn more about the #LessIsMoreNY parole reform legislation and contact your legislators today to tell them to pass Less Is More this year!

To learn about our effort to pass #LessIsMoreNY and for more details about our upcoming #LessIsMoreNY Forum, contact Yan Snead at or at 518.360.1534.

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